Protection Dog Training

During personal protection dog training, we teach your dog the difference between normal and aggressive behavior from strangers. This means that when someone becomes a threat to you or your family, your dog will automatically become alert and protective of its family and territory.

The options for a protection dog are personal protection, search and hold protection, and estate and article protection dogs.

Article protection means you can leave your dog next to any object as small as your wallet or as large as your vehicle, and once the dog is told to watch the article, no one should be able to remove it from its place.

For example, you can be playing with your child at a park and then need to take a restroom break, your dog will stay with your children and protect them until you return. Most dogs are very loyal to their owner/handler and once that bond is created, owners will feel safe and secure knowing that their trained K9 is protecting them 24 hours a day.

With proper training, our dogs are capable of guarding houses, warehouses, or construction sites, even if they are occupied. It adds peace of mind to have a dog that will protect you, your family and your estate with its life, under any circumstances.


Police Service K9 Training 

Police service K9 dog training is available for law enforcement agencies and their affiliates and therapy dog training is also available for hospitals and other medical institutions.

Whether your training demands fully trained Patrol and Utility, Explosive and Narcotic detection, Tracking and Trailing K-9s or Green Canines and Imports, I-Guard has the background and experience to train any dog for its line of duty.

Most all of the trained canines from I-Guard International have gone on to pass other nationally recognized standards including AWDA and NAPWADA.

We offer a variety of professional training courses and services to help you achieve your department’s goals. Our 100% training guarantee assures your department will have only the finest working K9 team.

Due to the fact that many departments lose their Police K-9s due to poorly trained dogs or the lack of in-service maintenance training, we offer re-training courses, consultations and maintenance training at our facility or on site as part of the canine purchase from I-Guard.

We can either train your own dog, or find one for you and train it for the protection needs you desire. Contact I-Guard today to inquire about a personal protection dog and protection dog training. We can either train your own dog, or find one for you and train it for the protection needs you desire.

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Disclaimer: Due to the consequences and responsibilities that coincide with owning a personal protection dog, personal protection training will only be available to approved owners/handlers. Prospective owners must pass a background check and evaluation by I-guard International. I-Guard International or anyone connected to or with will not be responsible for any and all of the dog(s) behavior prior or post training.

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Nick Lungu leads the I-Guard training and breeding program with over a decade of German Shepherd breeding and advanced dog training experience. 

Contact I-Guard International to learn more about our world class German Shepherds or dog training programs in Spokane. We guarantee no matter if you become an owner of an I-Guard German Shepherd puppy or simply want ‘Rover’ to listen to you a little better, you’ll love your new dog.

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