Filipp is available to stud for approved females. Contact I-Guard for more info on Filipp today.  Call 509-340-9733 or send us your questions below.

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Filipp vom Adelschlag

Filipp received his VA rating at the 2013 North American Seiger Show. He also brought home a protection performance award which are highly coveted over at this national event! He is the son of 2 times VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard! His ability to work combined with his beauty makes him an outstanding stud dog.

Filipp is medium strong dog with very good, rich pigmentation. He has very good expression and character with a beautiful, masculine head and perfect topline. Filipp has correct rear angulations, balanced chest proportions, and correct front. He also shows beautifully in the show ring.

Filipp grew up in the home and he loves children. He is a very social dog that is always alert and ready to work. Filipp stood at stud in Italy and Germany where he proved himself a producer of beautiful, stable puppies.