Protection Dog Training


Article protection dog training means you can leave your dog next to an object as small as your wallet or as large as your vehicle and, once the dog is told to watch the article, no one should be able to remove it from its place.

For example, if you are playing with your child at a park and need to take a restroom break, your dog will stay with your child and protect him or her until you return.

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During personal protection dog training, we teach your dog the difference between normal and aggressive behavior from strangers. This means that when someone becomes a threat to you or your family, your dog will automatically become alert and protective of its family and territory.


With proper protection dog training, our dogs are capable of guarding houses, warehouses, or construction sites, even if they are occupied. It adds peace of mind to have a dog that will protect you, your family and your estate with its life, under any circumstances.

Disclaimer: Due to the consequences and responsibilities that coincide with owning a personal protection dog, personal protection training will only be available to approved owners/handlers. Prospective owners must pass a background check and evaluation by I-guard International. I-Guard International or anyone connected to or with will not be responsible for any and all of the dog(s) behavior prior or post training.