Spokane Dog Boarding and Training

Experienced trainer, top-quality boarding

The first step in the dog training process is an evaluation where you will meet with one of our dog trainers one-on-one.

Our dog trainer will evaluate your dog and talk to you about what problems you are having and what you would like to achieve through the training process. Our trainer will give you a recommendation for the next appropriate steps.

Most of the time, evaluations will take place at our facility, but if the issues relate only to the dog’s home, we will come to you. The evaluation is a very important step, as it will determine where the dog training program will begin for each individual dog and its owner.

The next step is our board and train process. Your dog will spend a portion of time with us at our facility so we can work with your dog several times per day. Your dog will get to spend time with other dogs, if appropriate, and participate in multiple dog training classes each day.

The length of time each dog spends at our facility depends on how much dog training is needed to reach the pre-defined goals. Once behavior is modified, we are ready to bring you back into the process with one-on-one dog training classes. It is very important to have follow-up sessions so we can teach you how to handle your dog and transfer what we have taught your dog over to you.

The board and train process sets a solid foundation for your dog. It will then be up to you, as the owner and handler of the dog, to maintain that foundation by employing dog training techniques, attending dog training sessions with us, and doing the homework we assign you at each training session.

Dog boarding and training sessions take place at our facility in Otis Orchards, just outside of Spokane. All dog breeds are welcome, from the toughest Maltese to the gentlest Mastiff.

Please contact us at 509-340-9733 for pricing on evaluations, board and train days, and training sessions. Appointments are available 6 days a week.  All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.