V1 Finny vom Finkenschlag SchH1 Kkl1A (German Import)

More about V1 Finny vom Finkenschlag SchH1 Kkl1

Over medium black and red female German Shepherd dog with awesome pigmentation. Dry and firm with well developed proportions. Strong head with outstanding expression.

Great working ability with high drive. Focused and intense in her obedience work and powerful in her protection exercises. Non-stop drive for a ball, will perform the obedience exercises with great speed. Hits hard with strong bark and hold. A very rare combination in a show line German Shepherd dogs. Loves children and is super social with other animals.


V1 Assa von der Brucknerallee IPO 2 KKL1a (German Import)

More about V1 Assa von der Brucknerallee IPO 2 KKL1a

Over medium, black and red female. Very enthusiastic and enjoys training and working. Able to concentrate and focus on any task. Non-stop drive for a ball or stick, will perform the obedience exercises quickly over and over again expecting the reward.

Highly pronounced retrieving instinct will play with a ball all day if allowed. Lightning fast in protection work, barking is deep and consistent, strikes fast and bites full and hard on the sleeve. Assa’s best friend is our 12 year old son, Cody, who spends hours throwing a stick for her! Those two are inseparable.


Binka Vom I Guard International – VP

More about Binka Vom I Guard International – VP

Medium strong, nice strong head, good back line, good front and very good back angulation, powerful hind movement. Binka is a black and red German Shepherd female with pronounced play drive.

Very striking with correct structure. Excellent bone strength along with very dark eyes. Self-confident, shows natural guide ability with excellent desire to please the handler. Great around children and well mannered inside the house.

Loves to retrieve and play with a ball. Powerful and sure in guarding with full hard grips on the sleeve. We are excited to see this girl go all the way.


Niky Astra Born

  • DOB: January 26, 2012
  • Registered with AKC
  • Pedigreed
  • Sire: V2 Cay Dogshof IPO 1, KKL 1
  • Dam: Vanja vom Ersten Platz
More about Niky Astra Born

Niky is very correct, medium, stunning black and red German Shepherd female. She is muscular with a medium body type with outstanding expression and color. She has a hard to find pedigree that consists of top producing dogs in Croatia. Niky is a very social and stable female that wants nothing more than to be with her human family!


Carlie vom Mittelwest II

  • DOB: April, 2  2010


Syna vom Weideck

  • DOB: July, 7  2009

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