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NuVet Labs

NuVet Labs provides FDA-approved nutritional supplements that are designed to attack the causes of the disease instead of simply covering up the symptoms. All of our dogs use NuVet supplements from a very early age and stay on NuVet through their entire lives. NuVet products such as NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus are only available with a code provided by a pet professional. You can order below or click here to learn more about NuVet.

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The SV is a German-based Association for German Shepherd Dogs that offers a variety of services that has been around for over 110 years. Whether a German Shepherd dog owner, or even “just” a dog lover – everyone is welcome!


United Schutzhund Clubs of America

The United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USCA) is a US-based German Shepherd Dog breed club and register that sponsors all-breed Schutzhund trials and German Shepherd conformation shows. I-Guard attends the national Seiger Show each year where the best German Shepherds in the nation compete. 


The German Shepherd Dog Club of America

The German Shepherd Dog Club of America provides information and resources for owners of German Shepherd Dogs and German Shepherd puppies. GSD owners can join the club to encourage, promote and improve the breeding of quality German Shepherd Dogs. 


American Kennel Club

The American Kennel Club is the largest US-based registry of purebred dog pedigrees. The AKC registers and maintains the pedigree registry and promotes dog shows and competitions, including the famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The AKC was formed in 1884 and since then has become one of the most respected kennel clubs in the world.


Spokane Schutzhund Club

Spokane Schutzhund Club (SSC) is a young, but motivated and active club that strives to compete at a high level of Schutzhund. They have a lot of members that are new to the sport, but have a strong desire to learn and better themselves as trainers. SSC is headed by Jacqueline Lungu with I-Guard’s Nick Lungu as the training director.