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I-Guard International - Training
Service dog is now part of the family.

This is going to be a somewhat lengthy letter as frankly I have a lot to say about I-Guard International’s German Shepherds and the total quality I have found.

I first spoke with Nick Lungu on the phone and quickly realized I was talking with someone I could trust and that I would enjoy working with. In the early stages, I worried a little about having Nick pick the pup for me. I remember wearing out Nick’s phone as each new puppy picture caught my eye. Proof, that Nick is patient is the fact that he still talks to me. However, at my wife’s urging, I bit my tongue and accepted. Now I understand why Nick does the choosing. My hairy best friend fits my family and my personal needs perfectly. In retrospect I should have realize that the professional knows his stuff. Thank you Nick for overriding me.” On arriving at his home, I was of course overwhelmed by an undulating sea of hairy bellies. However, my eyes were drawn to a magnificent credit to the breed. Heidi in a one word is magnificent. The kennel area was immaculate. Nick was both knowledgeable and probing in his question for us. It did not take long before I knew I wanted to become a member of the extended I-Guard family.

Then came the interminable wait, until finally Nick called to say that Günner our German shepherd puppy, was ready to come home. We drove down to Spokane, Washington and I got to meet my best friend one on one. Like all dogs, Günner was to have a special purpose. That is to be a fully integrated member of the family. A cuddle bunny with my daughter, a kitchen helper when my wife is cooking, and most importantly my partner assisting me with my disability. To date he has been excelling in all of his training. Very recently, we had group training at a local mall with four womb mates and their very proud humans. Nick, it was wonderful. At the end, the dogs were exhausted as was I. I have never seen such a beautiful group of dogs in one place before. I think that day did more for the breed locally than all the dog shows on TV. One of the biggest things I noticed was how truly happy all the dogs were. This seems to speak to Nick’s breeding goals and training methods. Now is my Günner perfect? Perhaps not, but he is perfect for me. Looking at his womb mates I could see, all were perfect. Thank you, Nick and family for making this all possible.”

– Paul W. Upthegrove

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Our Dog Training Experience

I found I-Guard as I searched the internet, and I had already spoken with several other German Shepherd breeders. Nick set himself apart and above the others because he cared so much about his dogs and their futures. He asked me about Jake’s eventual role among our family members, proposed training, and he asked me about every one of the dog’s we have owned. He reserved the right to choose the puppy he considered appropriate for us. Nick wants his dogs to thrive, to be happy and useful. The degree to which he cares about his dogs is unprecedented.

His care placed a wonderful German Shepherd puppy, Jake, with us. Jake is smart, sweet, friendly, and loyal. He is always happy to work and learn, or to try something new. Several people have told me that Jake’s fine temperament has caused them to change their opinions of German Shepherd dogs. Jake receives frequent compliments about his appearance; too: his dark face, black and red color, and wonderful expressions.

Nick assured us that he would always be available for us. Last summer I was incapacitated by injuries and our dogs got out of hand. Always courteous, polite, and pleasant, Nick drove to our house (2 day trip) and took the dogs, and evaluated their situation in light of our objectives. After talking with us, Nick took action to fix the problem. He re-instated training and added a good bit more. He kept our dogs at his home for an entire month.

I can hardly believe how much he did for these dogs and us. Nick cares so much about this breed. And when he says that he and I-Guard dogs are “world class” he’s not bragging, just stating a fact.”

– Maria Heath

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